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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Equine Riding and Training with Emphasis on Training, A.A.S.

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Growth of the equine industry in the United States has created a demand for qualified personnel in all of its related fields. The associate degree program in equine studies is intended to provide basic, practical, and theoretical grounds from which students may directly enter their fields of interest.

This two-year program has two degrees that emphasize a practical approach.

The equine riding degree option assists students in maximizing their riding position and use of aids to best influence their horse in an efficient and effective manner. Students will undergo a systematic way of mastering daily riding exercises, self-evaluation techniques and mental training strategies that will really integrate the material and value of being an educated rider. This degree option is ultimately for the individual looking to take their riding to the next level and would be an excellent starting point and/or concurrent degree option with the equine training degree option. Students must make arrangements to have a finished horse to use for “in and out” of class work. Students completing the program may find employment in lesson barns, training stables, summer camps, and breeding farms.

The equine training degree option emphasizes mastery of student’s skills to work with the young horse and progress the training up through the intermediate and/or advanced levels of futurity showing. Optimizing training fundamentals, students will get a “hands-on” approach, with numerous hours spent in the arena, learning to read, coordinate and influence to get the most from their horse. This degree option is for the rider with skills and physical fitness to handle the young horse, which could include: needing fast reflexes, heavy lifting and stamina for heavy exercise. Students will need to bring a young horse with 30-60 days of training. Upon completion of this program, students may find employment in training at different levels.

Students taking classes that require horses are encouraged to bring their own horse with them to campus. The college does not own horses for students use. Students wanting to enroll in a riding class must fill out an Equine Studies Application. Students wanting to enroll in a training class must fill out an Equine Studies Application and provide a riding video in order to be placed in a training class and to stable a horse on campus. Students housing horses at NWC Equine Center must be enrolled in the appropriate Horse and Stall Care class and a riding/training class.

 Both of the associate of applied science degrees have been designed to meet the sophisticated demands of today’s market. 

General Education Requirements

Students should refer to the Graduation Requirements .

Total General Education Requirements: 19-21 Credits

Core and Elective courses taken as part of completion of a degree program may also be used to meet General Education requirements where applicable. Please note that use of these courses to meet General Education requirements may reduce the number of hours required to complete a degree, however that number cannot be reduced below the institutional minimum of 60 credits.

Total Core Courses: 43 Credits

Total General Electives: 3 Credits

Minimum Credits for Degree = 63

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