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2013-2014 College Catalog 
2013-2014 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Boards, Administrators, Faculty, Staff

Board of Trustees

Formulation of major policies and ultimate budget authority at Northwest College rests with a seven-member Board of Trustees. Trustees represent the college’s tax district of Park County and are elected to four-year terms in compliance with Wyoming’s Enrolled Act 80 (HB 58-A).

Regular meetings are held the second Monday of each month, with special meetings called as necessary. A citizens’ open forum is on regular meeting agendas.

Visit the Board of Trustees page of the NWC website for more information.

Westerhold, Mark
Term expires 2016

Housel, John
Vice President/Secretary
Term expires 2014

LaPlante, Rick
Term expires 2014

Danko, Carolyn
Term expires 2014

Fees, Paul
Term expires 2016

Larsen, Nada
Term expires 2016

Vogt, Jim
Term expires 2016 



Hicswa, Stephanie
President, 2013
University of Montana, Missoula, BA 1991
Montana State University, Bozeman, MEd 1996
University of Texas at Austin, PhD 2003

Vice Presidents

Fox, Sean
Vice President for Student Affairs, 2011
University of Northern Colorado, PhD, 1992 Montana State University Bozeman, ME, 1984 Montana State University Bozeman, BS, 1982

Giraud, Gerald
Vice President of Academic Affairs, 2012
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, PhD 1999, MA 1996 Regents College of the State of New York, BS 1994

Kitchen, Mark
Vice President for College Relations, 1977
University of Wyoming, BA 1975 

Flom, Sheldon
Interim Vice President of Administrative Services, 2006
Northwest College, AA 1981 University of Wyoming, BS 1983; BS 1996 Certified Public Accountant; MBA 2011 


Visit the Faculty Directory for contact information. 

Amarasuriya, Deepthi
Assistant Professor of Physics, 2006
Purdue University, BS 1990 Idaho State University, MS 1996 University of Wyoming, MS 2006

Anderson, Donald
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 2007
Northwest College, AA 1992 Chadron State College, BS 1995; MS 1997

Andreasen, Mark
Assistant Professor of Business, 2004
Utah State University, BA 1994; BS 1995 Brigham Young University-Marriott School, MBA 2001

Asay, Milo
Instructor of ESL, 2010
Brigham Young University, BA 1987 School of International Training, MA 1990

Atkinson, Eric
Instructor of Biology, 2010
Oregon State University, BS 1987 Boise State University, MS 1991

Bakken, Gary
Assistant Professor of Photography, 1991
Moorehead State University, AA 1975 Montana State University, BS 1978 University of Minnesota, MA 1987 University of Wisconsin, MFA 1989

Becker, Bob
Assistant Professor of Speech Communication, 1994
North Dakota State University, Fargo, BS 1992 Colorado State University, MA 1995

Bradley, Burt
Associate Professor of English, 1986
California State University, Chico, BA 1980 State University of New York, Stony Brook, PhD 1986

Breeding, Rob
Instructor of Journalism, 2012
Northern Arizona University, MLS 2005 University of California Riverside, BA 1991

Brewer, Christina
Visiting Instructor of Nursing, 2012
Walden University, MSN 2010 Northwest College, AA 2001, AAS 2001, PN 1999

Brophy, Dennis
Professor of Psychology, 1975
Washington University, St. Louis, AB 1967, AM 1968 Pacific School of Religion, MDiv 1971 Texas A&M University, PhD 1995

Bruce, Dean
Assistant Professor of Business/Accounting and Coordinator of Business, 2000
Kansas Wesleyan University, BA 1992 Emporia State University, MBA 1995

Campbell, John
Professor of Biological Sciences and Coordinator of Biological Sciences, 1985
Albion College, BA 1971 San Francisco State University, MA 1977 University of Alberta, PhD 1983

Childs, Allan
Professor of Chemistry & Mathematics, 1985
Iowa State University, BS 1970 Kansas State University, MS 1973, PhD 1980

Crawford, Billy
Instructor of Nursing, 2007
Southwestern Oklahoma State University, BS 1994 Walden University, MSN 2011

Crawford, Marneé
Director of Nursing and Nursing Program Coordinator, 2006
University of Wyoming, MSN 2008 Southwestern Oklahoma State University, BSN 1991

Dare, Jennifer
Visiting Instructor of English, 2012
University of Oregon, PhD 2009, MA 2006 Trinity College, Hartford, BA 1998

DeBuhr, Elaine
Assistant Professor of Art & Chairperson of Visual & Performing Arts Division, 2005
University of Iowa, MFA 1998

Dechert, Renee
Professor of English, 1997
Baylor University, BA 1986, MA 1989 Texas A&M, PhD 1997

Dooley, Vern
Associate Professor of Agriculture and Coordinator of Agriculture, 1983
South Dakota State University, BS 1978; MS 1980 Michigan State University, PhD 1983

Ebert, Fred
Assistant Professor of Speech Communications & Forensics, 2008
University of Wyoming, BS 1983 Washington State University, MA 1985

Elton, Harold
Associate Professor of Welding, 1999
Northern Montana College, AS 1967, BS 1969

Elton, Lee
Instructor of Welding, 2011
Northwest College, AAS 2008

Erickson, Dave
Professor of Sociology and Chairperson of Social Science and Education Division, 1994
University of North Dakota, BS 1990; MA 1993

Escoto, Paul
Instructor of Mathematics, 2011
West Virginia University, BS 2002, BS 2005 West Virginia University, Masters, 2005

Fish, Duane
Professor of Speech Communication & Chairperson of Communication Division, 1976
Eastern Montana College, BS 1975 Wichita State University, MA 1976 University of Utah, PhD 1994

Frey, Davette
Visiting Instructor of Nursing, 2012
Capella University, MSN 2013 Grand Canyon University, BSN 2011

Garceau, Christine
Assistant Professor of Photography, 2012
Michigan Technological University, PhD 2012 Northern Michigan University, MA 1987, BS 1981

Giarrizzo, John
Associate Professor of Art, 1981
Kenyon College, BA 1977 University of Colorado, MFA 1981

Hanan, Rachel
Assistant Professor of English, 2011
University of Oregon, PhD 2010 Beloit College, BA 1996

Hitchcock, Ron
Professor of Biological Sciences, 1988
State University of New York at Potsdam, BS 1979 Auburn University, MS 1982; PhD 1986

Horton, Jason
Instructor of Agribusiness, 2010
Mississippi State University, BS 1998; MA 1999

Howey, Brad
Instructor of Music and Director of Bands, 2013
Ithaca College, MM 1992 University of Idaho, BM 1990

Humphreys, Micah
Associate Professor of Agroecology & Range Management, 2007
Oklahoma State University, BS 2000; MS 2003 Purdue University, PhD 2007

Hunt, Jeannie
Assistant Professor of Speech Communications, 2005
Northwest College, AA 1994 Black Hills State University, BA 1998 University of Phoenix, MA 2004

Hunt, Troy
Instructor of Film and Television, 2013
Eastern New Mexico University, MA 1995 Southern Utah University, BS 1992 College of Eastern Utah, AA 1990

Ibarra-Robinson, Mary Ellen
Associate Professor of Spanish, 1983
University of Wyoming, BA 1976; MA 1978

Johnson, Bill
Associate Professor of Welding and Coordinator of Welding, 1996
Montana State University, BS 1995

Kliewer, Jan
Assistant Professor of Music, 1990
Cleveland State University, BM 1986 University of Missouri-Kansas City, MM 1989

Koelling, Deborah Spangler
Associate Professor of English, 1986
Macalester College, BA 1974 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MA 1975; PhD 1984

Koelling, Rob
Professor of English and Chairperson of Humanities Division, 1979
Barton College, BA 1970 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MA 1972; PhD 1982

Konsmo, Michael
Instructor of English, 2009
University of Southern California BA, 2000; MFA, 2009 Montana State University MA-English, 2004; MA-History, 2006

Kraft, Janice
Associate Professor of Accounting / Business Administration, 1998
University of Wyoming, BS 1974; MBA 1976

McCallister, Keith
Assistant Professor of Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education and Director of the DELTA Program, 2003
University of Delaware-Newark, BS 1999 University of Northern Colorado, MA 2001

McKinney, Amy
Assistant Professor of History, 2011
Carroll College, BA 1995 Montana State University, MA 2000 University of Calgary, PhD 2011

McMillen, Melissa
Instructor of Nursing, 2011
Mount Marty College, BSN 1993

McPhail, Lou
Instructor of Criminal Justice, 2005
University of Mississippi, BS 1986 Webster University, MBA 1994 University of North Dakota, JD 1997

Newlin, Aura
Instructor of Sociology & Anthropology, 2012
Case Western Reserve University, MA 2008 University of Wyoming, BA 2003

Northrup, Astrid
Associate Professor of Engineering and Mathematics and Chairperson of Physical Science Division, 1997
Montana College of Mineral Science & Technology, BS 1984; MS 1986 University of Wyoming, Certificate in Land Surveying, 2005 Registered Professional Engineer, Colorado and Wyoming

Pajo, Lourdes
Assistant Professor of Developmental Mathematics and Developmental Mathematics Program Specialist, 2008
University of Texas at Dallas, BS 1991 Texas State University, MEd 2003

Polvere, Anthony
Associate Professor of Photography, 2000
Pace University, BBA 1985;BA 1985 Northern Arizona University, BS 1995;MEd 1996

Rumbolz, Robert
Associate Professor of Music, 2001
Macalester College, BA 1982 University of Minnesota, MA 1989 Wesleyan University, PhD 2000

Satterlee, Craig
Associate Professor of Photography and Coordinator of Photography, 1978
Montana State University, BS 1976 University of Iowa, MA 1982

Satterlee, Lisa
Assistant Professor of Business Office Technology, 1983
University of Iowa, BS 1983 University of Wyoming, MBA 1998

Sherwood, Anne
Visiting Instructor of Equine Studies, 1998

Silk, Eric
Assistant Professor of Psychology, 2012
Nova Southeastern University, PhD 2012, MS 2012, MS 2006 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, MA 2003 Michigan State University, BA 2001

Smith, Greg
Associate Professor of Anthropology, 2008
Central Washington University, BS, BA 1993 University of Pittsburg, PhD 2000

Smith, Tina
Instructor of Nursing, 2012
South University of Georgia, MSN 2012, BSN 2010

Stensing, Martin
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Coordinator of Mathematics, 2007
St. Mary’s University, BA 1999 University of Wyoming, MS 2008

Stothart, Rob
Assistant Professor of English, 2001
Western Washington University, BA 1978 University of Washington-Seattle, MFA 1987

Sturmer, Gary
Professor of Political Science & Economics, 1979
College of Idaho, BA 1973 Idaho State University, DA 1979

Tafoya, Renee
Assistant Professor of Art & Graphic Design, 1999; 2002
San Jose State University, BS 1984 University of Wyoming, MS 2006

Thiel, Pam
Assistant Professor of Equine Studies, 2003
Northwest College, AS 2001 Texas A & M University, BS 2003

Thulin, Steve
Professor of History, 1990
Old Dominion University, BA 1975; MA 1977

Toner, Anne
Assistant Professor of Art and Coordinator of Art, 2005
University of Wyoming, BA 2000; BFA 2001 Painting University of Idaho, MFA 2005

Townsend, Robert
Assistant Professor of Drafting Technology, 2007
Burlington County College, AAS 1987 Roger Williams University, BS 2001 Indiana State University, MS 2006

Tyree, Morgan
Assistant Professor of Graphic Arts / Printing, 1991
Arizona State University, BS 1981 Northern Arizona University, MA 1988

Udodong, Uko
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 2014
Wesleyan University, PhD 1987

Waite, Neil
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1994
Brigham Young University, BS 1992; MS 1994

Walker, BJ
Visiting Instructor of Mathematics, 2013
University of Wyoming, BS 2011 Northwest College, AS 2005

Walker, Kristine
Instructor of Education, 2009
Community College of the Airforce, Maxwell Airforce Base, AAS 1999 West Virginia University BA, MA 2005

Walker, Nancy
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1984
Eastern Montana College, BS 1976 University of Wyoming, MA 1989

Walker, Steve
Assistant Professor of Political Science, 2006
Pierce College, AA 1995 Community College of the Air Force, AA 1995 University of Maryland, BA 1998 Portland State University, MA 2001 West Virginia University, MA 2004 West Virginia University, PhD 2008

Wallace, Garry
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, 1987
University of Montana, BA 1980; MA 1982 Bennington College, MFA 2001

White, Carolyn
Associate Professor of Business Office Technology, 1981
Chadron State College, BS 1971 Eastern Montana College, MEd 1986

Williams, Deb
Instructor of Nursing, 2008
Northwest College, AAS 1990 University of Washington, BS 1974 Walden University, MSN 2011

Wurzel, MaryAnn
Associate Professor of Education & Director of Field Placement, 1989
Chadron State College, BS 1969; University of Wyoming, MS 1973

Young, Floyd
Associate Professor of Physical Education Chairperson, Life & Health Science & Agriculture Division, 1984
University of Wyoming, BA 1964; MS 1970


Northwest College Emeriti

Barkan, David
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Mathematics
Bowling Green State University, BS 1973, MS 1982

Bieke, Kathleen
Professor Emerita of English
University of Detroit, BA 1972, MA 1976
Wayne State University, PhD 1985

Beyer, K. Keith
Professor Emeritus of English
University of Northern Iowa, BA 1958, MA 1968

Christensen, Stanley
Professor Emeritus of Agriculture
University of Wyoming, BS 1961, MEd 1964, EdD 1976

Coughenour, Arthur *
Professor Emeritus of Business
Grove City College, BS 1958
Montana State University, MS 1971

DeWitt, John *
Emeritus Administrator
South Dakota State University, BS 1950, MEd 1958

Enger, John
Professor Emeritus of Physics and Mathematics
Concordia College, BA 1959
Temple University, MSEd 1963

Feyhl, Scott
Professor Emeritus of Health, Outdoor and Physical Education
University of Wyoming, BS 1972, MS 1978

Fish, Virginia
Professor Emerita of Speech Communication
Eastern Montana College, BS 1974; MS 1993

Fisher, Donald
Professor Emeritus of Engineering
University of Wyoming, BS 1959, MS 1968
Registered Professional Engineer, Wyoming

Fries, Arthur *
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
McPherson College, BS 1948
University of Northern Colorado, MA 1952

Hinckley, John T. *
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
University of Wyoming, BA 1940, MA 1948

Jordan, Roy *
Professor Emeritus of History
University of Wyoming, BA 1962
Northern Arizona University, MA 1968

Kimble, Elise
Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences
Augustana College, BA 1967
University of Nebraska, MS 1984
University of Colorado, PhD 2001

Kruse, Robert
Professor Emeritus of Business
Miami University, BS 1972
Montana State University, MS 1974, EdD 1979, CMA 1988

Masterson, Michael
Professor Emeritus of Music
Ball State University, BS 1972
Arizona State University, MM 1977
University of New Mexico, PhD 1990

Mickelson, A. Leonard *
Professor Emeritus of Botany
Northern Arizona University, BS 1948
University of Wyoming, MS 1949

Muller, Allan
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Brigham Young University, BS 1960
University of Connecticut, MA 1962

Nelson, Douglas *
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Greek, Hebrew, and History
Abilene Christian College, BA 1965; MDiv 1968
University of California–Los Angeles, MA 1974; PhD 1981

Ohman, Marlys
Professor Emerita of Nursing
University of Wyoming, BS 1985
Whitworth College, MSN 1990

Orendorff, Sinclair
Emeritus Administrator
Southwestern College, AB 1948
George Peabody College Vanderbilt, MA 1948
University of Wyoming, EdD 1967

Patrick, Charlotte
Professor Emerita of Communication
University of Wyoming, BA 1965; MA 1969

Riley, James *
Professor Emeritus of Communication
Washburn University, BA 1965
Texas Christian University, MFA 1970

Rochlitz, Kenneth
Professor Emeritus of Physical Education / Men’s Basketball Coach
University of Wyoming, BS 1964; MEd 1970

Skinner, David
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
University of Wyoming, BS 1963, MS 1965

Smith, E. Jeannette
Professor Emerita of Spanish
University of Colorado, BA 1945
Middlebury College, MA 1966

Smith, Steven B. *
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Physics
University of Wyoming, BS 1978, MS 1982

Wasden, Winifred *
Professor Emerita of English
University of Wyoming, BA 1960, MA 1961

Watkins, Fred
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Fort Lewis College, BA 1969
University of Wyoming, MA 1971

White, Wallace
Professor Emeritus of Drafting
Chadron State College, BS 1968
Northern Montana College, MS 1973

Wilson, Richard
Professor Emeritus of English
Fairfield University, BA 1969; MA 1974
University of New Mexico, PhD 1979

* deceased

Professional Staff

Visit the Staff Directory for contact information. 

Anderson, Gary
Facilities Technician, 2000

Anderson, Jennifer
Scholarship Technician, 2003; 2004
Northwest College, AA 1998 University of Wyoming, BA 2000

Anderson, Jill
Human Resources Director, 2011
University of Kansas, BA 1984

Baney, Daniel
Public Relations Photography Specialist, 2011
Northwest College, AAS 2009

Beal, Janis
Women’s Basketball Coach, 2009
Northwest College, AS 2003 Southern Utah University, BS 2005 A.T. Still University, MS 2008

Bell, Bobbie
Foundation Analyst, 2001
Northwest College AAS, 2009

Bjornestad, Tim
Trapper Village West Supervisor, 1988
Northwest College, Certificate 1988

Blackmore, Lee
Campus Security Coordinator, 2010

Boyd, Teri
Interim Student Health Services Nurse, 2013
Columbia Junior College, Certificate in Vocational Nursing 1983

Brost, Cammie
Athletic Trainer Part-Time, 2010
University of Wyoming, BS 2010 Central Wyoming College, AS 2006

Christensen, Becky
Field Station Coordinator, 2008

Cicci, Cindy
Executive Secretary to the President & Board of Trustees, 1996
Moorhead State University, BS 1985

Cline, Crystal
Interim Admissions Representative, 2013
University of Wyoming, BA 2013

Crook, Marcus
Student Activities Coordinator, 2012
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MS 2012 BYU Idaho, BS 2011

Crookshanks, Kathy
Training and Development Program Coordinator, Cody, 2008
University of Phoenix, BS 2007

Dearcorn, Casey
Computing Services Director, 2000
University of Wyoming, BA 2010

DeWitt, Nick
Admissions Representative, 2013
University of Phoenix, MBA 2013 University of Wyoming, BS 2010 Northwest College, AS 2007

Dicks, Damian
Computing Services Coordinator, 2000-2005; 2009
Northwest College, AS 1996

Dicks, Dustin
Instructional Technology Specialist, 2008
Northwest College, AAS 2005

Dugger, Christopher
Residence Life Specialist, 2012
Northwest College, AA 2012

Eckerdt, Zack
Residence Life Specialist, 2010
Northwest College, AA 2010

Ellis, Kim
Disability Support Services Coordinator, 2013
Shorter University, BS 1996

Emmett, Joseph
Facilities Technician, 2007

Enriquez, Amanda
Intercultural Program Coordinator, 2009
University of Wyoming, MA 2012 Hawai’i Pacific University, BA 2008 Northwest College, AA 2006

Erickson, Brian
Men’s Basketball Coach, 2011
Montana State University - Northern, BS 2007 United States Sports Academy, MSS 2010

Erickson, Callee
Interim GEAR-UP Specialist, 2011

Ewers, Matthew
Dean of Student Learning and Academic Support, 2011
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Boyce College), BA 2004; MA 2005 Campbellsville University, MTh 2007 Indiana Wesleyan University, MA 2007 Northwood University, AA 2009; BBA 2009 University of the Cumberlands, EdD 2011

Fees, Nancy
Academic Success Coordinator TRiO, 2004
Mills College, BS 1971 Idaho State University, MA 1975

Flom, Liz
Athletic Trainer, 2009
Mt Hood Community College, AA 2005 Eastern Oregon University, BS 2007 Montana State University-Billings, MS 2009

Floyd, Alan
Computer Services Specialist, 2006
Northwest College, AAS 2007; AAS 2009

Fulbright, Karen
Registration and Records Specialist, 1998
Northwest College AA 2009

Garhart, Cynthia
Student Success Programs Manager & Counselor, 2005
Southern Illinois University, BA 1971 University of Dayton, MS 1998

Gasaway, Tracy
Payroll Specialist, 1998
Northwest College, AS 2004

Gilman, Stacy
Training and Development Program Specialist, 2003
University of Wyoming, BS 1993

Halbur, Roena
Counselor, 2005
Dallas Baptist University, BS 1972 Troy State University, MS 1975

Hammond, Brad
Registrar, Admissions & Judicial Affairs Director, 2000; 2005
Northeastern State University, BBA 2000

Havig, Dee
Residence and Campus Life Director, 1987-91; 1992
Northwest College, AA 1989, AS 1990 University of Wyoming, BA 1992, MA 1999

Heimer, Jo Ann
Business Office Manager, 1975
Northwest College, AS 2002

Herman, Roxie
Student Health Services Manager, 1998
Bryan Memorial School of Nursing, RN 1984 University of North Dakota, PA Certificate 1994

Hernandez, West
Admissions Manager, 2003-2005, 2007
University of Montana-Western, BA 2003

Hill, Rob
Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coach, 2006
Manchester Metropolitan University, BS 1999

Horton, Scott
Instructional Technology Coordinator, 1976-1997; 2000
Montana State University, BS 1974

Johnson, Jane
Digital Studio Specialist, 2008
Northwest College, AAS 2007

Karst, Deb
Hathaway Scholarship Technician, 2006
Northwest College, AS 2000

Kasinger, Clint
Computing Services Coordinator, 1999

Kelly, Deb
Librarian, 1983-88; 1996
Northwest College, Certificate 1974 Montana State University-Billings, BS 1977

Kelsay, Denise
Art and Galleries Coordinator, 1995
Northwest College, AAS 1988

Lafollette, Quin
Ag Pavilion & Judging Coordinator, 2008

Laughlin, George
Printing Services Technician, 1990

Lawson, Kim
Printing Services Specialist, 2010
Northwest College, AAS 1993;1994

Lusk, Shannon
Interim Career and Transfer Coordinator, 2011
Montana State University Billings, BS 2004 Northwest College, AA 2001

Mains, Autourina
Children’s Learning & Care Center Manager, 2006
Northwest College, AAS 1986; AA 2000; University of Wyoming, BS 2003; MA 2006

Martin, Diane
Library Reference and Cataloging Coordinator, 1988
Millersville University, BS 1969 University of Arizona, MA 1997

McDonald, Andy
Computing Services Programmer, 2012
Casper College, Associate of Arts 1984

McNeil, Skye
Interim Academic & Career Advising Coordinator, 2011
Purchase College State University of New York, BA 2011

Mettes, Rik
Farrier Science Coordinator, 1991
Eastern Montana College, AA 1992 Certified Journeyman Farrier, 1992

Miller, Carey
Web Developer, 2005
University of Wyoming, BS 2000

Miller, Nancy
Library Circulation and Acquisitions Coordinator, 1997
Oregon State University, BS 1981

Moncur, Rebecca
GEAR UP Coordinator, 2013
University of Wyoming, PhD 1993 Oklahoma State University, MS 1984 Oklahoma State University, BS 1981

Myers, Sandy
Adult Basic Education Manager, 2010
West Virginia Northern Community College, AAS 1987 Wheeling Jesuit University, BA 1991 Marshall University, MS 2002

Nash, Jean
Project Succeed Manager, 2011
Western Washington University, MEd 2012 Western Washington University, BA 2010

Nose, Del
Rodeo Coach, 2012

Olson, Olie
Facilities Technician, 1990

Patton, JeaLinda
Interim Distance Education Specialist, 2012
Montana State University-Billings, BS 2009 Northwest College, AA 2007

Peer, Ronda
Dean of Extended Campus & Workforce, 1985-88; 1992; 1993
Northwest College, AA 1982 Mesa State College, BA 1990 University of Wyoming, MA 1998

Plute, David
Facilities Director, 2010
Regis University, BS 1986

Pohlman, Shaun
Women’s Volleyball Coach, 2011
Idaho State University, BS 2005

Porter, Tim
Computing Services Analyst, 2013

Proffitt, Nickie
Writer/Editor & Web Content Analyst, 1988
Northwest College, AS 1976

Quillen, Dennis
Maintenance Manager, 2005

Quinn, Shaman
Financial Aid & Scholarships Director, 2011
State University of New York, BA 1996

Richards, Susan
Library Director, 2005
Grove City College, BA 1978 Clarion University of Pennsylvania, MA 1980 Kent State University, MLS 1982 University of New Hampshire, PhD 2002

Sapp, Anna
Training & Development Coordinator - Powell, 2013
University of Wyoming, M.Ed. 1985; BA 1980

Schuller, Nancy
Publications & Advertising Coordinator, 1987
Northwest College, AAS 1986

Schuller, Rob
Printing Services Manager, 1985

Sherwood, Marv
Equine Center Coordinator, 1988
Montana State University, BS 1985 West Texas A & M University, MS 1993

Shipley, Andrea
Development Coordinator, 2012
University of Montana, BA 2001 Northwest College, AA 1997

Skinner, Jennifer
Residence Life Specialist, 2005
University of Missouri, BA 2005

Smith, Lisa
Institutional Researcher, 2005
University of Wyoming, BS 2001; MA 2010

Steck, Susan
Dispute Resolution Officer/Student Appeals Chair, 2010

Sullivan, Kristie
Residence and Conference Specialist, 1993
Liberty University, BS 1986

Vanek, Jim
Custodial/Grounds Manager, 2009

Volden, Emelee
Intercultural Program Manager, 2012
University of Minnesota, MA 2011 University of Sioux Falls, BA 2003

Wetzel, Shelby
Executive Director of the NWC Foundation, 1992
University of Wyoming, BA 1985; MBA 2002

Williams, Carle
Financial Aid Specialist, 1984
Northwest College, AAS 1985

Williams, Gary
Facilities Technician, 2005

Wilson, Megan
Grant Writer, 2009
University of Utah BA, 2004

Woods, Sue
Interim Foundation Analyst, 2002

Yates, Jory
Computing Services Specialist, 2006
Northwest College AS; 2007

Zawacki, Carol
Peer Tutoring Specialist, 1999

Zeigler, Jim
Wrestling Coach & Interim Athletics Director, 1993
University of Southern Colorado, BS 1990 University of Northern Colorado, MA 1992

Classified Support Staff

Visit the Staff Directory for contact information.

Argento, Jo
Facilities Assistant, 2006

Ballard, Melinda
Children’s Learning & Care Center Assistant, 2009

Beck, Lorilyn
Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs, 1992-94; 1997
Northwest College, AA 1983 Valley City State University, BS 1988

Berryman, Holly
Communications Services Assistant, 1999

Borders, Keli
Administrative Secretary for Student Affairs, 2006

Brazelton, Roger
Facilities Assistant, 2002
Central Wyoming College, AAS 1989

Briseno, Annette
Children’s Learning & Care Center Assistant, 2011
Northwest College, AA 2009

Burke, Becky
Children’s Learning & Care Center Assistant, 2010

Cameron, Tammie
Facilities Assistant, 2013
Northwest College, AA 2003

Cannizzaro, Jennifer
Senior Office Assistant - Student Success Programs, 2013

Chenoweth, Colton
Campus Watchperson, 2012
Sheridan College, Associate of Applied Science 2012

Christensen, Scott
Field Station Assistant, 2009

Costigan, Jay
Campus Watchperson, 2007

Cragoe, Anna
Division Secretary, 1998

Cross, Val
Division Secretary, 1991-96; 1996
Northwest College, AA 1980 University of Montana, BA 1982

Darr, Larry
Facilities Assistant, 2011

Davis, MaryLou
Administrative Secretary for College Relations, 1978-91; 1992
Northwest College, AA 1967

Dillon, Flynn
Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker), 2010

Dobbins, Carri
Senior Office Assistant-Training & Development-Cody, 2009
Northwest College AS, 1987

Drew, Marilyn
Library Assistant, 2006

Gilmore, Nancy
Senior Office Assistant for Cody Center, 2002; 2003
Northwest College, AAS 2001

Gonzales, Alejandra
Enrollment Services Office Assistant Part-Time, 2012
Northwest College, AA 2007

Gonzalez, Renee
Business Office Assistant, 2003

Gormley, Janice
Division Secretary, 2000

Greco, Sandy
Facilities Assistant, 2001

Gutierrez, Gloria
Facilities Assistant, 2011

Harper, Sam
Financial Aid Assistant - VA, 2010

Harrison, Marianne
Financial Aid Assistant, 2001
Northwest College AA, 1997 University of Wyoming BS, 2003

Hernandez, Lydia
Senior Office Assistant for Enrollment Services, 1992

Hieb, Val
Administrative Secretary for Administrative Services, 1985
Northwest College AAS, 2009

Jacobs, Deb
Senior Office Assistant for Physical Plant, 1984-87; 1992

Jeffs, Alan
Facilities Assistant, 2013

Johns, Diana
Facilities Assistant, 2006

Joy, Julie
Facilities Assistant, 2011

Kasinger, Dawn
Finance Technician, 2013

Kline, Char
Senior Office Assistant for Admissions and Recruiting, 2001
Northwest College, AAS 2000

Kobbe, Denise
Senior Program Assistant for Athletics and HOPE, 2000

Le Blanc, Carla
Senior Office Assistant for Residential Life, 1981
Northwest College, AB 1980

Mumford, Mariah
Children’s Learning & Care Center Assistant, 2012

Olberding, Candy
Biology Lab Assistant, 1996
Northwest College, AS 2008

Peyton, Mike
Facilities Assistant, 2013

Peyton, Ruth
Facilities Assistant, 2010

Renaud, Fred
Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker), 1992
Northwest College, AS 1991

Richardson Linville, Laura
Facilities Assistant, 2013
Central Wyoming College, AS 1991

Rodriguez, Becki
Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs, 1985-86, 1993-2002, 2004

Schwan, Jen
Senior Program Assistant for Nursing, 2003
Mayville State University, BS 1986

Shaffer, Krystal
Division Secretary, 2009

Smith, Sinjin
Health, Outdoor, Physical Education and Athletics Assistant Part-Time, 2013

Spomer, Linda
Finance Technician, 1981

Teitsch, Cindy
Facilities Assistant, 2009

Timmons, Loyd
Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker), 2008

Timmons, Terri L.
Division Secretary, 1997
Northwest College, AA 1972 Brigham Young University, BA 1975

Trickey, Nancy
Senior Office Assistant - Worland, 2009

Veatch, Casey
Interim Campus Watchperson, 2013

Voss, Becky
Library Assistant, 2009

Warren, Karalee
Computing Services Office Assistant, 1996
Northwest College, AA 1995

Whitlock, Jayme
Development Office Assistant, 2013
University of Wyoming, BS 1992

Widdicombe, Steve
Facilities Assistant, 2008
Montana State University-Billings, AAS 2000

Willert, John
Facilities Assistant - Utility Worker, 2012

Williams, Brett
Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker), 2011
The University of Montana, BS 1993

Willson, David
Facilities Assistant, 2013
Nazarene Bible College, AA 1973

Woodward, Joyce
Facilities Assistant, 2006

Northwest College Foundation

The Northwest College Foundation is a private, nonprofit corporation which serves as the college’s official fundraising organization. It was established in 1966 with four principal purposes: raising, receiving, managing, and distributing private funds that support NWC educational and related endeavors.

Visit the Northwest College Foundation website for more information.


  • Jim Linton, Powell
  • Bryan Lee, Powell
    Vice President
  • Megan Woods Nickles, Powell
    Second Vice President
  • Carol Bell, Cody
  • Brad Bonner, Cody
    Assistant Secretary
  • Chris Taggart, Cody
  • Clay Cummins, Billings
    Assistant Treasurer


  • Sharon Baker, Powell
  • James Bell, Cody
  • Dave Blevins, Powell
  • Dave Bonner, Powell
  • Mike Brodrick, Red Lodge
  • Chris Davidson, Burlington
  • Josephine DeWitt, Powell
  • Travis Graham, Cody
  • Gloria Frisby Hedderman, Powell
  • Jeremy Hill, Cody
  • Jeremy Johnston, Powell
  • Alan Jones, Powell
  • Larry Larsen, Powell
  • Bud Linton, Powell 
  • Ron Lytle, Powell
  • Willis McDonald, Cody
  • Andy Nelson, Powell
  • Dick Nelson, Powell
  • Paul Prestwich, Powell (Ex-Officio)
  • Paul Rodriguez, Powell
  • Bill Simpson, Cody
  • Ginny Singer, Powell
  • Lloyd Snyder, Powell
  • David Veile, Worland
  • Steve Webster, Cody
  • Doug Weedin, Cody
  • Reanne Wolff, Powell

Emeritus Board Members

  • Roger Kearns, Cody
  • SinClair Orendorff, Powell
  • Victor Riley, Cody
  • Bill Sheets, Cody
  • Jack Turnell, Meeteetse
  • Dick Wilder, Cody  

Northwest College Alumni Association

The Northwest College Alumni Association was chartered in 1988 as the first Wyoming community college alumni association and was among the first two-year college alumni associations in the Rocky Mountain area.

The association serves as the principal link between Northwest College and its worldwide network of over 18,000 alumni. An alumnus is defined as anyone who attended the college full time (12 or more credit hours) successfully completing at least one semester.

Visit the Alumni Association section of the NWC website for more information.

Wetherbee (Peterson), Julie (‘89) — Worland, WY

Wambeke, Ted (‘79) — Cody, WY
Immediate Past President

Warner, Shawn (‘90) — Powell, WY
Vice President/President Elect

Singer, Tom (‘73) — Billings, MT

Barbuto, Joe (‘05) — Rock Springs, WY
Beal, Jason (‘00) — Lovell, WY
Butler, Karl (‘78) — Cody, WY
Cummins, Clay (‘61) — Billings, MT
Decker (Rock), Linda (‘94) — Worland, WY
Fertig, Gene (‘65) — Powell, WY
Flom (Moller), Kim (‘81) — Meeteetse, WY
Holm (Reed), Nancy (‘70) — Powell, WY
Jones, Cal (‘67) — Worland, WY
McNiven, Chucody ‘Cody’ (‘00) — Laurel, MT
Norberg, Rick (‘80) — Powell, WY
Pendley, Greg (‘82) — Cody, WY
Quanbeck, Andy (‘01) — Shepherd, MT
Sapp, Anna (‘78) — Powell, WY
Schiffer (Harriet), Laci (‘95) — Buffalo, WY
Solomon (Hahn), Amy (‘76) — Lone Tree, CO
Titmus, Randy (‘80) — Cody, WY
Webster, Brian (‘84) — Cody, WY
Webster, Kathy (‘89) — Cody, WY