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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, A.S.

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Computer science is the study of the limits and use of computers. Applications of computer science pervade most fields: medicine (x-ray analysis), engineering, communications (programming cell phones to successfully communicate with each other), entertainment (digital movies and video games), and home computing (word processing and the internet). The delivery of this specialization couples the art and science of programming with the study of math, physics and the building blocks of computing machines to provide a balanced overview of the field.

This program focuses on framing and solving problems, learning skills sets necessary to solve these problems, and developing thought processes needed for further understanding in computer science. Emphasis is on the enduring concepts rather than current syntax. The computer science specialization is intended for transfer to a four-year institution or as a background for computer related courses.

Total Credits: 17

Total Credits: 14

Total Credits: 14

Total Credits: 17

Minimum Credits for Degree: 60 Credits

Course Type Key

FYS=First Year Seminar* GOV=U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions* CM=Communications* QR=Quantitative Reasoning* PNW=Physical and Natural World* HC=Human Condition* CTY=Creativity* MR=Major Requirement ME=Major Elective GE=General Elective

*General Education Requirements  

FYS 0000 First Year Seminar  

GOV 0000 U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions  

CM 0000 Communication  

QR 0000 Quantitative Reasoning  

PNW 0000 Physical and Natural World  

HC 0000 Human Condition  

CTY 0000 Creativity  

The General Education courses and General Elective courses listed in the above sequence are recommended courses to fullfill the degree. Any changes to these courses should be discussed with an adivsor.

**Remedial education courses may result in additional semesters of study.

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